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Established in 1998, SexToyClub.com is the largest wholesale and drop shipping distributor of sex toys and adult products around the world. To help members to build e-commerce websites, SexToyClub provides numerous product feeds in XML & CSV formats based on the vendor's name. As a SexToyClub member, you can obtain their product feeds in three groups: Bronze, Sliver, and Gold.

Our turnkey sex toy sites use the most popular vendors MC and ELD. They are full line distributors with 18,000+ and 15,000+ products each. We also base our turnkey hosting plans on the level that you have access to and we use the same naming structure (Bronze, Silver & Gold). The fields of data in the data feeds determine the features that can be added into our customized shopping cart.

Why does turnkey hosting costs more than shared hosting, it's because we do everything for you. Your store is completely setup by us. You select your how much profit you want to make on sales and which products you want to sell. This can give you an advantage targeting niche demographics. We give you the tools to make this happen. Also, you won't need to worry about selling products out of stock or discontinued. We ensure your store is always up to date with the latest information.

Once you start making sales, our system will send your web store orders directly to SexToyClub with just a click of a button. Turnkey hosting is the best option for those customers of SexToyClub that have little e-commerce experience or little time to maintain an e-commerce store and wish to spend their time on promoting and making sales. Let us help you succeed by giving you the pre-configured tools, support and time you need. We are here for you!

Turnkey Hosting Packages

We take care the technical details so that you can concentrate on promoting your adult business.



$40.00 per month

  • Preloaded with 18,000+ Products
  • Change Category Names
  • Adjust All Product Prices

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$45.00 per month

  • 5 attributes
  • 1 extra image
  • Holiday Specials

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$50.00 per month

  • Product Videos added
  • Related Products
  • 29 Attributes

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Why choose us?

The top reasons to choose us for your turnkey hosting needs

Fully Managed

We fully manage your web hosting, software, data updates and security so that you can focus on promoting your sex toy business.

Automated Data Updates

What good is an e-commerce site if you can't keep it up-to-date? Our automatic software ensures your site always has the latest data.

Send & Retrieve Orders

Two way communication. Auto send orders to SexToyClub for processing, and retrieve those order status / tracking number and relay that info to your customers.

Personalized Support

Our services are supported directly by the people that developed them. All of your questions, issues and requests are handled by the same person that setup your website.

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